Theme 4: Enduring Understandings

For this unit, 'Culture', the enduring understandings are:
  • Cultural Misconceptions are part of our past and present
  • Cultural values and beliefs affect relations among individuals, groups, institutions, and political states.
  • Cultural identity is determined by many factors
  • Our past affects our present and future.

We have had Enduring Understandings in every Grade 8 Humanities unit. Why? What are they?

Yes! You're right! They are the ideas that we want you to take away with you when we've finished the unit. Everything that we do in the unit is focused on exploring these ideas and consolidating our understanding of them. We want them to remain with you (to endure) over time.


When we explore something, we investigate its background, its connections, its meaning - anything that's relevant

As we move through this project, you are collecting information at every stage. This is something that you do constantly at school, as you can see in the pictures above. We are constantly exploring ideas.

Consolidating understanding

What helps you to understand new information, or to make more sense of something you've been learning about? Think about all the activities you've been involved in throughout this unit. You have been an explorer, a learner and a teacher. You have led activities and explained ideas. What do you know about our topic and the issues?

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." Henry Ford

We hope that the information and activities provided in this wiki and in class will help you develop a better grasp of the key ideas (enduring understandings) of this unit

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